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VTH works to help each veteran we serve improve his overall health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and strive to reach his full potential. Among the resources our staff provides are:

Relapse Prevention

Our staff utilizes an approach that draws from decades of experience as well as the latest clinical strategies. Our Relapse Prevention goal is to help our clients develop positive coping skills in order to resist a return to substance use an introduction to 12 Step programming is provided, alongside ongoing discussion and exercises around living a life of recovery.

Alcohol/Drug Education

VTH works daily to provide our clients with information and discussion groups regarding the effects of alcohol and drugs on the individual, family, and community, including common medical problems associated with substance abuse.

Mental Health

Our staff works closely with our clients to explain the effects, symptoms, effective coping skills and treatment for common mental health issues and their impact on an individual’s recovery.  Common issues range from anxiety anger, depression, PTSD, and other trauma issues.  The complete spectrum of mental health issues and their impact on substance abuse and recovery are examined both in groups and through one-on-one discussion and appropriate referrals.

Nutrition, Exercise, Health

Physical health--improving it and maintaining it is another important cornerstone to our programming. Residents are encouraged to use YMCA passes, generously provided by the New Bedford YMCA.

Educational and Vocational

VTH provides its residents with in-house basic computer skills training, vocational and educational referral and access to an extensive array of school and employer resources in the area.

Other Program Content

VTH works in tandem with numerous area service providers to offer workshops that address anger management, compulsive gambling and codependency.  We also work with federal, state and city entities to help each veteran access the benefits to which he is entitled.

Transportation Requests

If you are a veteran in the SouthCoast area in need of transportation to a medical appointment at the VA fill out the following form and we will try to match you with one of our drivers or a volunteer who can take you to your appointment. Click here for details and to request transportation.

Veterans Programs

Tel.: 508-992-5313