‍‍‍Veterans Tran‍‍‍sition House

ADDRESS‍‍‍ 344 County St. ‍‍‍New Bedfor‍‍‍d, MA 02740

PHONE 508-992-5313

FAX 508-999-3909

EMAIL [email protected]

ADDRESS: 344 County St. New Bedford, MA 02740

‍‍‍PHONE: 508-992-5313

FAX: 508-999-3909

EMAIL: [email protected]


The S. E. Mass. Veterans Housing Program, Inc. was established to provide hope for homeless veterans in a safe, sober, supportive residence and to assist those who desire to achieve rehabilitation, self-sufficiency, and community reintegration.

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Please send us a message and we will be happy to direct your question to the appropriate staff member. We look forward to hearing‍‍‍ from you.

Tel.: 508-992-5313

Tel.: 508-992-5313