Located at 1297 Purchase Street, the Anthony C. & Salvatore H. Alfiero Outreach Center opened in 2020 with a leadership gift from the Alfiero family. The Outreach Center is a resource to all veterans and their families seeking information and services that support their safety, health and well-being. The Outreach Center is staffed by professional licensed clinicians who are dedicated to working with veterans.


  1. Maintain permanent housing status and overall well-being of veterans and their families who are at risk of losing their housing.
  2. Enable homeless veterans to acquire housing and increase their self-sufficiency.
  3. Assist veterans to successfully shift from transitional housing to permanent housing and self-sufficiency.

VTH achieves this focus through case management services including but not limited to transportation, coordination of care with medical and behavioral health providers, increased entitlement benefits where applicable, vocational/ educational support, and access to recovery programs.

During this COVID-19 pandemic, the Outreach Center is not open for drop-in services. However, VTH is working to expand its services beyond its residential clients by reaching out to veterans throughout the community. VTH engages and collaborates with numerous community partners to support veterans. If you are a veteran or service provider working with a veteran that might need support, or are looking for resources or referrals, please call 508-992-5319 x123 or email info@vetshouse.org.