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With volunteer service growing nation-wide, VTH has embarked on an exciting new Volunteer Program. We will be training interested volunteers who want to help local veterans. We are pleased to partner with local veteran services officers and other veteran organizations to extend the reach of our volunteer power to meet the needs of veterans in the community.

Volunteer Opportunities

Cyber Deputy - Do you love using Facebook, Twitter and other social media? Would you like to use your knowledge to help veterans? Becoming one of our cyber deputies might just be your perfect opportunity! Flexible hours and the ability to work from home or on your phone make this job a great fit for any modern marketer.

Driver - If you have a Massachusetts State license and are interested in driving local veterans to their doctor appointments, please contact us. Our residents will be very appreciative.

Event Planning - VTH holds annual fundraisers and community events. You can help assist us with planning, managing and promoting these events. It's a great way to make a difference and meet people in the community.

Resident Events - Do you love a good birthday party? Want to go out in nature and talk a walk? Maybe planning residents' events is a good fit for you. Come by and meet our residents and staff!

Teach a Class - Do you have a skill that you would like to share? If you have teaching experience, we would love for you to come teach your skill to our residents.

Donation Drive - VTH keeps a monthly updated wish list of items that our clients need. Fill out a donation drive form and collect items at your work, school, or social club. VTH staff and residents will be ever-grateful.Improvement Agent- Assist VTH with facility improvements like painting, cleaning, yard work, and other critical projects.

Visit a Vet - The New Bedford community has a large number of elderly veterans who could use a friendly face from time to time. If you have free time and want to make a friend, please consider participating in our visit a vet program.

Veterans Transition House Ambassador - Are you passionate about the issues veterans face in our community and excited about the programs VTH has to offer veterans? Spread your fire by becoming a VTH Ambassador and giving presentation at events and schools about veterans' issues. We'll provide you with information, statistics and research opportunities to help you tell the community about our services.

Have something else in mind?

We welcome input from interested volunteers contact us and let us help you make your idea a reality. Anyone interested in volunteering should contact the VISTA Volunteer and Fundraising Coordinator, at (508)992-5313 x32 or by email at [email protected]


Tel.: 508-992-5313